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Ssssoooo….. Apparently I hate myself….

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Every morning I wish my passion was my day job.

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Commission updates and more!


NekoFantasy here with another commission update!

#1 - Custom button: sketch approval received! Moving on to lineart

#2 - Full body drawing: Completed! click link to see (super pretty!)

#3 - Full body badge: pending flat coloring approval

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I am officially signed up for ConAltDelete with my bff! This is becoming my life. Attending cons for fun will soon be a thing of the past!

Been looking forward to this allllll year!!! 

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WIP of a character badge. I am loving the colors so far! 

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Try again tomorrow. Can’t do anything tonight

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oh thanks! just want I need, art block! 

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Anime Midwest Collab #2, Stacie the Weeping Angel Girl

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And I’m broke ><

Hey Dashcon, wanna throw $17000 my way?

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Con Update


Heres an updated list of all our winter cons! Come look for us in the artist alley and say hi!

Midwest Furfest this December 5th-7th at the Hyatt Regency O’hare in Rosemont, Il. 

KollisionCon, January 2nd-4th…again at the Hyatt Regency O’hare.

And we hope to snag a table at Con+Alt+Delete December 19th-21st at the Hyatt Regency O’hare (I see a trend here…), as well as Anime Milwaukee at the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee February 13th-15th! 

We are so excited to be doing all these winter cons! 

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Cat: *whiny meow*

Me: *imitates sarcastically*

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I want to talk to people but I feel like I annoy every single person I talk to

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Having my birthday party tonight. We be playing the Supernatural drinking game :D

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commission #3 lineart complete!

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Livestream tonight at 7pm!


Linearting commission #3 tonight!

Commission #2 is in the process of being colored.

Commission #1 pending approval before linearting.